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Two eight-year-old entrepreneurs go into business with a Cotswold inn

Written by: Tony Davey, Stroud Chamber of Trade and Commerce | Posted 26 October 2020 8:41

Eight-year-old twins Mina and Rohan Stoten have teamed up with their local pub to sell their own apple juice. 

The entrepreneurial siblings heard that North Cerney Primary School was unable to stage its Christmas Fair this year due to the Covid pandemic – an event which raises vital funds. 

Inspiration struck, and the pair decided to write to Bathurst Arms landlord, Jordan Pelly, to see if he would let them sell their product through his pub.

“I received this delightful letter in the post from Mina and Rohan offering me their super apple juice to sell in the pub and was more than happy to help,” said Jordan. 

“I am setting up a little deli style shop in the pub and thought their product would work fit in really well, I mean you cannot get more locally sourced as the children’s orchard and home is just quarter of a mile away.” 

Mina and Rohen help their parents pick over a tonne of apples a year in windfall as well as climbing the trees to shake branches. 

The children also designed the label. The Bathurst Arms will be selling half a tonne of pressed apples with all proceeds going to North Cerney Primary School. 

The orchard itself has various apple varieties, including cookers, eaters and cider apples. Most trees were planted in the early part of the last century, and owned for six generations by the same family, until the Stoten family bought the property in 2010. 

Jordan said: “We will be using some of the apple juice to accompany breakfasts for our guests, I have also asked chef Michal (Wlodarcyk) if we can come up with any recipes as well as we like to use local wherever we can, we already use some of the excess fruit and vegetables from the North Cerney allotments so having another food source in the village is great.”