Delivery business rolls into Gloucestershire with zero carbon footprint

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 03 June 2020 8:21

Delivery business rolls into Gloucestershire with zero carbon footprint

If you are wrestling with the guilt at having items delivered to your door a specialist delivery service covering Gloucester and Cheltenham could have the answer. 

Former teacher, Ed Arnold, has launched a business which promises to deliver your package or parcel within those precincts – fast, hot, fresh, safely, competitively priced and with zero carbon footprint. 

How? The name of the business says it all - Gloucester Cycle Courier. 

A veteran of the well-established, bourgeoning even, Cardiff cycle courier scene – keen cyclist (couriers are die-hards) - started the operation as a side-hustle to his current main career as a tree surgeon. 

If the business grows as planned he hopes he can attract other keen cyclists out there to consider getting paid to train. Busy couriers might cover as much as 70 or 80 miles a day. Many couriers on the books of city firms are competitive riders. 

“I went to university in Cardiff and worked for Cardiff Cycle Couriers (there is more than one operation in the city). We transported everything – mostly DVDs, documents, money, the lot – even some custom-made false teeth on one occasion,” said Mr Arnold, a former time-trialist who taught history at Gloucester Academy for a spell and now lives in Stroud with his partner. 

He can deliver packages of up to 20kg in insulated carriers, paniers and back packs. 

“I have already approached a lot of businesses here in Gloucester and Cheltenham and Stroud. People are interested, but the idea doesn't seem to be something some of them have ever considered before. 

“I have come across some who have just bought a van to deliver items I can easily manage, and I think ‘why?’. 

“I can get anywhere in Gloucester in 10 to 20 minutes maximum.” 

Coronavirus has, of course, impacted the launch – but he wonders whether it might have prompted a change of mind-set which could benefit everyone. 

“I think we might be at a tipping point. A lot of things are happening. There has been some lobbying of the Government to improve things for cyclists while the roads are quiet, but I think people have also been thinking about things in a different way.

“Gloucester and Cheltenham are pretty flat and you can get around them pretty easily. Some roads are better than others. I have to say, I don’t know all of them – but Google maps is very helpful,” said Mr Arnold, 35, who has also ridden for Uber – a name now synonymous with cycle delivery. 

Mobile phones ensure not just a speedy delivery, in many cases outpacing cars and vans, but also record pick-up and drop-off times for customer satisfaction. 

Phones also provide a handy way of ensuring fees are paid there and then. For regular clients an invoice at the end of an agreed period is sometimes better. 

Prices range from express delivery (one hour) £6 to standard delivery (three hours) £5. Food deliveries are £4. Find out more here