Do you have the talent to succeed post lockdown: Simon Merrell, Merrell People

Written by: Simon Merrell, director at Merrell People | Posted 05 June 2020 15:40

Do you have the talent to succeed post lockdown: Simon Merrell, Merrell People

Buy, build or borrow? A typical dilemma for business in relation to the skills they need.

All have upsides and downsides and typically the only viable answer is a mix of all three.

Executed well a company’s talent strategy will be a significant factor in the success it experiences.

Executed badly, and no matter how good the product or service is, the outcome for the organisation can be anything from 'failing to hit growth targets' to a loss of reputation.

Whilst organisations may not be in the right place to buy in talent at the moment they should reconsider.

Prior to the current global pandemic, the ‘war for talent’ was a top of many CEO’s concerns.

Concern for talent was only increased with our exit from the European Union.

Now though there may be a rare moment to attract the right skills through the door.

Unemployment levels have started to rise and organisations will struggle to keep furloughed employees engaged.   

It is only natural for companies to scale back recruitment and hold out to better times. A more prudent strategy would be to work out how to best restart, grow, regroup or refocus and go after the right talent.

What are those capabilities required to deliver your organisation’s future?

Have you got this mapped out and worked out which of these skills you can buy-in from the labour market?

Which of these skills can you build within your existing workforce?  Which skills are temporary or can be found from your supply chain or partnerships?

Organisations typically have unrealistic expectations of recruiting the right talent. It takes more time than you think and it always is a flawed process.  

To help get it right:

* are you representing your organisation in the right way to applicants? Do your words, match the reality?

* ask yourself and your team who are those people you would like to have hired over the last five years and go and check in with them.

* recruiting remotely requires the same rigour as face to face recruitment. Don’t let it be an excuse for taking shortcuts.

* make sure successful candidates exceed the bar on values (alignment with the company), behaviour, attitude and relevant capability. All have consequences if they fall short.

* be prepared to invest in new talent. If the values and attitude are right, they will want to learn. Connect that learning to the performance of the business and you have success.

Simon Merrell is founder and director of Merrell People, which focuses on change, leadership and learning.

Email: simon@merrellpeople.com. Telephone: 07504 910614.