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Moving video highlights plight of young people charity seeks to help

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 29 July 2020 7:02

Moving video highlights plight of young people charity seeks to help

One of Gloucestershire’s smallest charities – but which makes one of the biggest impacts on those it tries to help – has released a moving video lifting the lid on some of its work. 

While most of us are able to sleep soundly in our own beds for many young people like can suddenly look like it is destined to be lived on the county’s streets – or worse. 

Trying to catch them before they fall and put them in touch with someone who can offer them a safe place for the night, and maybe a meal and a shower, is Gloucestershire Nightstop. 

Just last month The Raikes Journal ran an article on the Gloucester-headquartered county-wide wonder as it battled to rebuild after the coronavirus ravaged its list of volunteers – both drivers and providers of accommodation. 

It is a situation the charity, based at unofficial Gloucestershire charity headquarters Morroway House and under the able leadership of Elaine Pearson-Scott, is still facing. 

Ms Pearson-Scott arrived in the new year to take on what she thought would be a relatively straight forward transition period for Gloucestershire Nightstop as it created a new leadership team. And then came the pandemic.


Text accompanying the video reads: "Gloucestershire’s streets are no place for a vulnerable young person. Gloucestershire Nightstop has continued to help young homeless people at risk throughout Covid and will soon start placing them with safe overnight host families.

"But the pandemic has left us with far fewer hosts as many are still shielding or socially distancing, and a critical need to find more. If you have a spare room and think you can help, we’d love to hear from you."

Our article in July (see the link below) highlighted how the pressures on households that often lead to young people being facing homelessness has been increased during lockdown and the results are only now becoming apparent. And how the charity needed not just safe addresses but trustees too.

Last year – a relatively normal year compared to 2020 - the charity helped provide safe shelter for the equivalent of 600 nights for those aged between 16 and 25. 

For Nightstop, its work goes on. The process of adding to its list of individuals, families and couples who can offer a bed or drivers who can ferry a young person caught between a rock and a hard place to a safe space for the night is ever ongoing. As shown by the short film.

To find out more email or visit Nightstop.

Contact Janet Ellard: or call 01452 541957

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