The Raikes Journal celebrates one month in action with 10k milestone

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 06 July 2020 7:50

This very website has now passed its first month milestone – taken a look at its visitor figures and found it has clocked 10,000-plus visits already. 

To be more precise, that’s 10,021 page impressions and 7,247 unique visitors, 26,107 views of its daily posts on LinkedIn and in the last week alone it reached 8,859 people on Facebook. 

Of course, none of that might mean a great deal – but for a news website it’s a bit like putting your foot on the accelerator and finding you have rocket fuel in the tank. 

That fuel is in abundance in Gloucestershire, working away almost untouched – and it is you, the business community plus those working in the third sector and in education and training.

“We simply tell your stories, document your battles to beat you way out of lockdown, champion you, and – as you can see from the figures – people really do want to hear what you are up to. 

"We are also focusing on the third sector and education and training - two other key areas whose stories are simply not being told by anyone other than the organisations themselves.

"There are 2,500 charities in Gloucestershire and education and training are about to become even more significant.

"There are some great social media and PR operators out there working incredible magic and we want to work with them.

"Put those stories on an independent platform as well and you have the missing part of the puzzle. You are no longer just shouting about yourself to people you know in the hope the Chinese whispers of social media reach far and wide.

"Being heard from an independent platform with editorial credibility is a powerful amplifier.

“And when the prevailing wind is such, we want to do as much as we can to help,” said Andrew Merrell, editor of The Raikes Journal, who has two decades experience reporting on Gloucestershire, launched the first ever business news website for Gloucestershire and edited associated magazines covering the county. 

“As long as we can we intend to continue to raise the flag of Gloucestershire as high as we can we will keep on telling those stories and supporting everyone who helps make this county such a wonderful place to live.

"Our site is a rare beast - editorially led, written by business journalists and aiming at editorial credibility to draw its audience. There is clearly an appetite out there for what we are doing. Given time the audience will only continue to grow. So far, so good. It is a platform for Gloucestershire, so use it and support it.” 

With that in mind, please keep your stories and ideas coming too.