Business woman’s book is a road map for how to be a mother and an entrepreneur

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 21 September 2020 8:26

Women often feel they have to choose between having a career or the business of their dreams and motherhood – and it does not have to be like that, says Lauren Malone. 

That is the message spelt out loud and clear in her new book, The Expecting Entrepreneur, due for release next month (October). 

As the title suggests, the choice referred to above for many women centres around their decision to have a family, with many viewing it as an either/or moment. 

Ms Malone, runs Forest of Dean-based Lemon Tree Coaching and Development, which specialises in supporting female entrepreneurs, and has a professional perspective on the conundrum – as well as her own, first-hand experience.

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“I started my business when I was in the early stages of my pregnancy. I was met with negative comments and advice at every turn, being told ‘you can’t do that’.” 

She added: “Only one in three new entrepreneurs are women and I believe this is because women are made to feel they have to choose between having the career or business of their dreams, and motherhood. I am on a mission to change this. 

“My book is all about mindset. I use my expert knowledge and skills in coaching, NLP, hypnosis and Timeline Therapy™ to explore ways in which women can increase their confidence and self-belief so that they can go out and get what they want. 

“The Expecting Entrepreneur will revolutionise the way that women who are pregnant with their first child or who have young children, see their role in business, and in particular when starting up their own businesses.”

It is a bold claim, but her own story bears out not only the possibilities for those facing the apparent cross-roads, but also the dramatic impact therapy can have on their lives. 

Her own introduction to therapy came when she reached a point of needing to finally confront an eating disorder which had plagued her for years. 

“I had been dealing with serious problems around food. I went through the process and my life changed. I had this amazing shift.  

“It was probably two to three days later, and I realised I was no longer having these negative behaviours around food.” 

It had such a transformative impact on her she decided to begin training as a therapist - becoming a master practitioner in NLP (neuro linguistic programming), hypnosis and TimeLine Therapy™ and a master NLP coach. 

Her new skills gave her the answer to the question she had been asking herself, ‘if she was to run her own business, what would it be?’. 

“I knew, at that moment that this was what I was going to do,” she said. 

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Other hurdles, familiar to many of her clients remained. 

Although she was coming towards the end of her contract at work – which gave her a natural break to start exploring her dream to start her own practice - she was also pregnant with her first child. 

It is first-hand experience she draws on for her book, but she was also spurred on by the number of successful women who have sought her out professionally through lockdown and beyond.

I am so excited to be revealing the cover of my book The Expecting Entrepreneur which will be available one month today...

Posted by Lauren Malone on Wednesday, 16 September 2020

“Lockdown definitely had an impact,” she said. “It is amazing how many incredibly able, successful people seem to suffer at times from a kind of ‘imposter syndrome’ - a lack of self-belief. 

“Women often have to deal also with the feeling they should be running the family and notion that others think their role is just a side hustle to their partners job.  

“But many women need to have a successful career alongside their family to feel fulfilled. And they can neglect their own health to put their family first to achieve that.”  

Not that she is suggesting men don’t do the same thing. It is their response to therapy that is different.  

“Sometimes it is people’s definition of what is successful that is the problem. People can feel completely overwhelmed by the workload – yet they feel they cannot delegate. 

“They have a strong belief that ‘if you want it doing you do it yourself’.” she said, adding that finances were actually not as common a factor as people might think. 

“Often, when you get people to really define what they mean by success, money rarely comes up.” 

The Expecting Entrepreneur is due to for release on Friday, October 16.