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If you thought your commute was plain sailing...

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 20 July 2020 8:23

If you thought your commute was plain sailing...

Commuting went from being a necessary chore for many to a short step to a desk at home due to lockdown, but Alex Kell’s commute to his new office is what he – at least - might call plain sailing. 

When we say ‘plain sailing’, it does help if you are competent on a paddle board – his chosen mode of transport to the fittingly named Quayside Wealth Management offices at Gloucester Quays. 

Mr Kell has managed to balance more than just on an 11-foot paddle board of late – what with the coronavirus pandemic interrupting not just normal working practices, but a full upheaval of the firm from Brunswick Square to its new address.

“I did also manage to move house as well in amongst it all,” said Mr Kell, as if another challenge seemed a perfectly reasonable thing to take on. 

That new house being in a fitting position for a man who commutes via the main waterway into the city – beside the Gloucester to Sharpness Canal at Hempsted. 

“We were lucky in the end with the move into the new offices. We had a few friends who were able to help and because none of us were in the new building (offices at Pillar and Lucy House) the builders were able to fit it out without having to work around us,” said Mr Kell.

Pausing for a selfie on his chosen highway to work - beside the Sula Lightship on the Gloucester to Sharpness Canal

Caught in the act: Alex Kell negotiates the traffic free commute to Quayside Wealth Management's new offices

The firm is currently seven-strong (or eight if we include the canine staff member, Maverick – described on the firm’s website as ‘head of security’). 

“The move gives us room to expand, which was the main reason we changed offices as it gives us capacity for growth,” said Mr Kell. 

“We are just a good firm of financial advisors that plans to be around for the next thirty years and more.” 

Quayside Wealth Management can advise on everything from investment and retirement planning to advice about protecting your estate, corporate services, banking, mortgages and more.