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Do not bank on more jobs at Handelsbanken’s new Gloucester base

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 06 July 2020 7:51

Do not bank on more jobs at Handelsbanken’s new Gloucester base

Blame the current climate, or just a lack of detail to reports, but people got all excited with news of a new office in Gloucester for a well-known bank. 

The Raikes Journal can now put some flesh on the bones of the story for those still fantasising about any giant office soaking up the unemployment numbers. 

It looks like the news about Swedish bank Handelsbanken signing a deal to take the ground floor of a building at Gloucester Business Park happened – and the move is due later this summer. 

But this is more to do with the bank outgrowing its premises across the other side of Gloucester Business Park at 1145 Regent Court, and planning a move “just around the corner” to 5210 Valiant Court.  

Emma Gray, Gloucester branch manager, told The Raikes Journal: "Since Gloucester branch opened it has grown from team of three to eight, and the move to larger premises is prompted by response to increasing customer demand for our local relationship banking services.

"While future job opportunities are not currently quantifiable we would expect to be able to provide these locally over time as demand for our services continues to grow."

She added: “It has been an honour to serve and work in this community for the last 10 years.

“We’ve been greatly encouraged by the positive response we have received from local businesses and individuals so far and are excited about our pending move, where we will continue serving and supporting our local customers, especially in the present climate and through challenges many of them currently face.”