Video: The state of the Gloucestershire jobs market

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 08 September 2020 6:04

Video: The state of the Gloucestershire jobs market

We might all think we could take a guess at how the jobs market in Gloucestershire is faring – what with little of cheer coming through national news media on the subject – but here is some real insight and hope. 

Few people will have more of an idea than Belinda Wilson, director of the county’s online jobs website Glosjobs.co.uk for nigh on two decades. 

It is a grim picture, but delivered in an upbeat fashion which points very strongly towards better times to come. For that at least it is well worth a watch. 

How long will it take for the jobs market to recover to pre-pandemic levels? 

“A long while,” said Ms Wilson. “But in comparison were where we were a couple of months ago I think things are looking very positive.” 

And that’s not the best of it either. 

Dan Harris, of Cheltenham Chamber of Trade, handles the interviewing in what is part of the chamber's monthly Hot Topic series and the business group kindly gave us permission to feature the video. 

We’ve also decided to run the chamber’s latest member profile –  Evenlode Films & Productions no less. Both are edited by Julian Wellings of Expertise on Tap.