Tech firm’s new product signposts the way to more growth in 2020

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 27 August 2020 9:39

Tech firm’s new product signposts the way to more growth in 2020

A technology firm hidden away in the Five Valleys in Gloucestershire has just launched a new product it predicts will see it achieve double digit growth through 2020.  

With products designed to be seen, and customers including Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, high street bookmakers’ and numerous business, you might have thought you would know the firm by name.  

But if you have not heard of MRG Systems that is probably because the focus for the Stonehouse company, a specialist in digital signage, is on delivering clear information for its customers first. 

With 14 staff and a turnover we are told in “between £1m and £2m”, business achieved 23 per cent growth from 2018 to 2019 and despite the impact of the pandemic forecasts a 16 per cent increase from 2019 to 2020.  

Its confidence is down not just to its 35-year track record, but its just-launched new Partner Programme, describing the ‘digital signage CMS’ as a ‘major step’ which will take its offer into the mainstream.  

Darren Macdonald, the company’s sales and support manager, said: “We are immensely proud to announce the launch of the LiveSpace digital signage Partner Programme.  

“We continue to provide the same solution to individual clients ourselves, but this is aimed at industry experts like AV integrators and installers.


“They need to rely on a system like LiveSpace to keep their clients’ screens running smoothly and remain continually updated.”  

He added: “The purpose of the launch is to attract new business that wants a single, comprehensive solution to manage the sometimes-sophisticated requirements of their clients.  

“Whilst all systems provide features which are standard, other product suppliers often add additional charges for more complex features to be included.  

LiveSpace is feature-rich and designed for anyone to use without attracting additional fees for bolt-on modules.”    

“It also handles data from different sources to make the display of data-reliant information simpler to set up and simpler to display when it’s needed.”

MRG was established more than 35 years ago to provide streaming data, which revolutionised the finance and commodities markets.   

Organisations now use the various screen solutions that MRG Systems have developed to manage thousands of screens for their individual business requirements.  

Twenty years ago the firm created its first digital signage system, developed to offer a simpler solution with a wider appeal.  

Over time, digital signage has attracted a much broader appeal, moving into retail, health, corporate, education, government and many other settings.  

This is where the firm has been able to make inroads, “expanding the sales channel to include the partner programme, attracting installers and integrators to work with us, specifying LiveSpace digital signage in their projects”.