Putting a face to the augmented identity firm with a £91m turnover

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 11 September 2020 8:51

Putting a face to the augmented identity firm with a £91m turnover

When the whole raison d'être of your business is security of the kind that keeps our transactions safe and secure, shouting about your own is just not going to happen. 

But we believe credit where credit is due, and if you can get over any jealousies about the sheer size of its annual earnings, learning that a Gloucestershire-based business saw turnover rise from £84,848,000 to £91,640,000is surely worth celebrating. 

What is more, those at the sharp end of Brexit negotiations currently might want to put a call in to the company, which declares the major imponderablefor British business currentlyis “entirely manageable”. 

We are talking about ‘augmented identify’ specialist Indemia, based at Ashchurch Business Centre, Tewkesbury. From here the firm helpsserve clients from thefinancial, telecom, identity, public security and IoT sectors, keeping our identifies safe as we conduct transactions anywhere and everywhere.

Basically, anywhere you pay for something in the digital world you could well be dependent on the firm for peace of mind, but it also does much more than that.

“Turnover in the year is higher than 2018, largely due to increased sales payment cards and related product and service to financial institutions in the UK,” said the firm’s annual report, just published, signed by Laura Cassey, chief financial officer at the firm. 

“Sales of SIM cards and components to mobile phone operators were comparable with the previous year, whilst sales of identity and pay TV access cards have declined year-on-year. 

“The declines in operating profits in 2019 was due to the increase in overhead expenditure. This was mainly impacted by the increase in the average number of employees and therefore associated costs with this. The gross profit stayed in line with 2018.” 

It is difficult if not impossible to write an annual report in 2020 without including a mention of the ongoing pandemic, and Idemia is no different. 

Its words are almost entirely focused on its attentions to keeping its staff safe, putting in place measures to allow the company to function with some of its staff working from home. 

The pandemic, it states, is being dealt with "as a business incident".

As for the aforementioned Brexit, it acknowledges the still significant uncertainty around the eventual deal and the impact it will have, but adds we are confident that with our existing business model the effects of Brexit will be entirely manageable and will in no way disrupt our ability to supply our customers in the UK, inside the EU or further afield. 

With over $3 billion in revenues, IDEMIA is the result of the coming together of OT (Oberthur Technologies) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho). With 14,000 employees around the world of more than 80 nationalities, IDEMIA serves clients in 180 countries. 

Only last week it was in the techy end of world-wide news when European access control system developer Cominfo announced it has used Idemia’sMorphoWave Compact 3D biometric fingerprint terminal to allow more than 2,000 people secure access to North Sydney’s tallest building.