Nightclub plans for the ultimate in covid-compliant of entrances

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 02 July 2020 8:37

Nightclub plans for the ultimate in covid-compliant of entrances

Butlers and its Bar 103 are no stranger to customers making big entrances – but as it seeks to ensure confidence is high when its doors re-open it is considering turning safety measures up to 11. 

As it edges towards an inevitable re-opening, owner and manager, Justin Hudson, is well aware of the need to ensure customers and staff at the popular Eastgate Street venue feel comfortable. 

As chairman of the city’s LVA (licensed victuallers association, which represents Gloucester’s licensing trade), he understands as well as any not just the need for the sector to re-open, but to do so safely and in a way that grows confidence. 

Which is where the proposed £8,000-plus investment (£8,195 plus VAT) in a Sterigate comes in – a special walk-way which would see customers emerge into the club through the short, corridor of mist, where magic ingredients aim to dispense with any coronavirus. 

“We are seriously considering this as an option - unless the balance tips the other way, we have asked Gloucester and I’d say at the present  time 99.9 per cent says ‘yes’,” said Mr Hudson, who posted the idea on the Butlers#Bar103 Facebook page to gauge what people think and has been bowled over by the enthusiasm. 

“As soon as bars are given the go ahead - we will be making that final decision - this is a significant financial investment by anyone’s standards. But one we are more than happy to make should our customers agree and want this level of measures being taken.”

Sterigate also uses what it calls “state of the art facial recognition software, combined with infrared touchless temperature measurement”. 

Customers concerned about the impact on their hair, make-up and outfits can rest assured - the mist will seek out only covid-19. 

So convinced is he not just by the assurances from the company supplying the apparatus and the way Facebook followers have embraced the news he is in advanced talks with Sterigate about ordering one in. 

“This will be the first in the UK - and it’s ours if we want it.” 

In the club’s popular Facebook group he put the idea to members to see what they thought, saying he wanted to “demonstrate to you our utter commitment to ensuring your safety”. 

“We have one question for you - when bars are able to open, would this Sterigate system outside Butlers give you added assurance that we are taking the reopening of this venue as seriously as we can. 

“It’s a like a walk-through metal detector - but slightly longer - we estimate three to four seconds to walk though, a dry mist - that won’t affect your hair -which is a very important point to make. 

“You would walk though where it sprays a dry mist that sanitises everything, hair, hands, clothes, even your shoes! 

“It has 14 BS and it is plant based with zero allergens. This would (could) be outside as you walk in, sanitising everyone that walks in - as well as taking the temperature.” 

Staff leaving the venue would also be able to take advantage of the system when they leave work.

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