Family timber business still standing firm as it notches up quarter of a century

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 14 September 2020 6:00

Family timber business still standing firm as it notches up quarter of a century

Started with a £2,500 loan from the Prince’s Trust this business – which carved out its niche before ethically sourced wood was even a thing – has since attracted a closer inspection from a certain environmentally friendly Royal. 

We are talking about Timberpride, founded by co-owners Alec and Victoria Golesworthy, who are celebrating 25 years selling and manufacturing oak frames, buildings and structures for families and clients throughout the UK.   

The couple, who live in the Cotswolds, started their business in 1995 with the aforementioned start-up loan of £2500 from the organisation to which Prince Charles gave his name.

Pictured: Alec and Victoria Golesworthy, with team members (l to r from the back), Jonson Murray (Jon), Carl Williams and  Thomas Maiden (Tom)

Today the business is still going strong, with a core team of five, operating from its headquarters near in Tetbury,offering everything from huge roof trusses, to timber oak buildings through to beams and even beautiful tables.

Prince Charles himself paid a special visit to the premises two years ago.   

“I know where every piece of wood here comes from,” said Mr Golesworthy, 52. 

 “I often know the history of the tree itself and I take pride in caring for our woodlands and providing clients with structures which will stand the test of time.   

“For me it’s always been about celebrating oak – and other timbers – creating structures which can last 500 years and also doing it in a sustainable way to keep our woodlands healthy. 

In fact I will not buy from any woodland where I feel the environment and habitat has not been cared for. ”  

Mr Golesworthy, a qualified chartered surveyor, had found himself working in the woodland and farming sector in the 1990s after he finished studying at the then Royal Agricultural University College in Cirencester (now The Royal Agricultural University). 

He had an idea of selling high quality, ethically sourced timber – particularly oak – yet found little support for it at the time. No one really thought it could work.    

Then he met Victoria, who was working for the National Farmers’ Union as a group secretary, who encouraged him to follow his dream. They moved back to the Cotswolds and started to build their business together.   

“The business has grown organically and it’s been a joy,” said Mrs Golesworthy, 49. 

“For me, the daily challenges we face, the customers we support and the creations which come out of our workshop – means that we’ve suddenly realised we are 25 years old.

In 1995 we had no oak, no customers, bags of enthusiasm and a start-up loan from the Princes Trust. 25 years on we'...

Posted by Timberpride Ltd on Friday, 21 August 2020

Where has the time gone? We’d like to thank everyone for their support and trust over the years – our customers and our suppliers.”   

For Mr Golesworthy, the highlight has been watching his team of carpenters grow in expertise and skill as the years have passed.  

“The joy of seeing one of the team jumping up and down because they’ve created their first set of barn doors and they are perfect…those are the moments which are my highlights. I know customers are going to love our products. 

To run a business which is relevant, which is sustainable and which keeps craftsmanship alive is one of my life’s greatest achievements.”  

Pandemic permitting, an event may well be fashioned for later this year to celebrate the anniversary in style at its Quercus Road base.