Scores join mountaineer at business event in search of pathway over the pandemic

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 24 July 2020 9:00

Scores join mountaineer at business event in search of pathway over the pandemic

If ever there was an analogy which described where business people have found themselves during lockdown mountaineer Kenton Cool’s captured it in four minutes. 

Leading high-profile client, television personality Ben Fogle, through the so-called death Zone to reach the summit of Everest - all caught on camera - vital breathing apparatus failed. 

It required a swift series of decisions to avert an otherwise catastrophic event, and Mr Cool lived up to his name – with only a snippet of film of him reaching the summit to make an emotional call his wife revealing he is not, in fact, made of ice afterall. 

This was the Evans Jones property and planning consultancy and Ops-Box Group online event - ‘Thrive not just Survive – A Morning with Kenton Cool’ (see video below).

The Gloucestershire mountaineer’s tale took the scores who attended (more than 100 accepted the inviation) away from the trials and tribulations they are each facing and, with the help of David Jones of Evans Jones and Richard Neale and Hayley Parker of Ops-Box, begin to believe their problems were also surmountable. 

“We are now coming out of lockdown and we have been through an incredibly difficult period. For months business has been in survival mode getting in place what it needs to be able to survive,” said Mr Jones (pictured below, left), managing director of the Cheltenham-headquartered independent firm of chartered surveyors and planning consultants. 

He was setting the scene for an enthralling near-hour with Mr Cool’s dramatic footage and motivation talk disconnecting the audience enough for Mr Jones, Ms Parker (pictured below, centre) and Mr Neale (pictured below, right) to then give them some key points of focus. 

One key message was that while situations could be complex, simple solutions were often best.

With anything seeming possible after witnessing how a few simple decisions – albeit it at an altitude above 8,000 ft – saving lives and bring success, Mr Parker echoed the keynote speak advising every business to not just develop a clear plan but to act upon it. 

“A great plan is just that,” she said. “Turning a great plan into reality is the hard part.” 

Which is where Mr Neale stepped in, to add a little more detail.  

“We have all heard how 'turnover is sanity, profit is vanity', and that 'cash if king'. The latter is probably more true than ever – it can be the difference between surviving and not,” he said, reminding everyone that the Government-backed loans currently on offer should be considered and the time to do that was now. 

This, he said, was a time to look at potentially restructuring finances within the business and such loans could provide the necessary wiggle room for many businesses in what was already a tight squeeze. 

The bottom line from all four speakers was this – be sure of what you are doing, be bold and act to capture market share now.

Thrive not just Survive - A Morning with Kenton Cool from Evans Jones on Vimeo.