'Great double act' to deliver insight into business and Gloucestershire

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 23 September 2020 8:15

'Great double act' to deliver insight into business and Gloucestershire

It has been described as a “great double act” but I consider myself only the warm-up man for the main event – a private briefing from the man charged with Marketing Cheltenham. 

We are talking about Cheltenham Chamber Online Business Forum, due to take place next week, in which members of the active group will be treated to an audience with yours truly and the more worthy David Jackson, who will be headlining the event. 

The Raikes Journal actually interviewed Mr Jackson following the launch of the recent initiative, We’re Moving to Cheltenham, which revealed the joined-up thinking taking charge of the narrative around the town. 

“We are not building from a standing start here. We are propelling something that is already growing. It is hugely exciting for Cheltenham,” Mr Jackson told The Raikes Journal. 

I think Cheltenham has a huge opportunity to attract in investment. This is an inspirational place, there are surprising things happening here. It is a cultural gem.  

“It is about getting that message out there to those who may see it differently, not as the same old same old.”

Which brings us to yours truly – who elicited those comments. The point of re-publishing the quotes is two-fold. One, they are hopefully illuminating about the message coming out of Marketing Gloucester currently. 

And secondly, this is reporting (something of a dying craft) – where no matter what the release is that comes to you, you check it out, you pick the phone up and you talk to someone. 

That does not do an unkindness to anyone who slaved over it to get it to The Raikes Journal and the handful of other platforms out there currently.  

As far as The Raikes Journal is concerned, this is the point at which journalism meets PR. 

It may not be the next step you think you need to take – talking to a reporter about the release you thought was a done deal, and you may not need to in some cases, but to get onto this website you should be prepared for a call. 

Why, when you can get it posted elsewhere? Ask me that if you come to the webinar. 

No one has been reporting on business in Gloucestershire longer than myself (which some might say explains why I am second on the bill to Mr Jackson!), from the very first email newsletter in Gloucestershire, its first business news website, the first regional business news website for the South West, the country’s first adaptive local news website, editor of three business magazines (or was it four?). All of that information is filed away. 

Stored away until Wednesday, September 30 ,at 2.30pm that is, when anyone who takes part in Cheltenham Chamber Online Business Forum can ask me anything they like – even the easy one, ‘what is a story, how do I write one and how do I get one published?. 

If none of that gets you, grin and bear it, because it will be worth it just for Mr Jackson. Click on the link for more details and make sure to email to secure your place: Cheltenham Chamber Online Business Forum.