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Hartpury asks landlords to consider rent reductions for its students

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 18 May 2020 17:20

Hartpury asks landlords to consider rent reductions for its students

In an open letter, Hartpury University has asked landlords in Gloucestershire to consider granting a no-penalty early release to those students who have vacated their accommodation as a result of the pandemic.

The letter, written jointly with the Royal Agriculture University (RAU), also asks landlords to consider a rent suspension or reduction for students who have remained in their accommodation.

Hartpury and RAU have released students who have vacated their Halls of Residence from their accommodation agreements and will also be applying refunds for fees that have already been paid for the period of vacancy.

Russell Marchant (pictured), vice-chancellor of Hartpury University, said: “The health and wellbeing of our students is extremely important to us during these unprecedented and deeply troubling times.

“We recognise that our request may place a financial burden on landlords for the next three to four months.

“However, we hope that the support for payment holidays, announced by the UK Government, could be used by landlords so that students who are facing hardship can be supported.”

Many students who were employed alongside their studies have lost their jobs during the current lockdown, losing income that helped them pay their rent.

Janine Fox, Students’ Union manager at Hartpury, said: “We have been working to support students who may be struggling to meet their accommodation payments due to the impact of COVID-19.

“We are grateful for the support that Hartpury and RAU have provided in writing this open letter to landlords, to help reduce the financial impact of this worrying matter.”