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Gloucestershire schools prepare for all pupils to return in September

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 14 July 2020 7:00

According to the county council it is working with schools to meet the Government’s challenge of all pupils returning to the classroom for September. 

Ninety per cent of schools in the county have remained open to children of key workers and vulnerable children since lockdown began, with more youngsters from specific year groups returning after May half-term. 

Twenty-one per cent of children are currently attending schools in the county.

The council said all parties are currently following the new guidelines issued by Government on how they should continue to help to reduce the risk of transmission when pupils return.

Currently this includes keeping children in set ‘bubbles’ of classes, year groups or phases, regular cleaning and handwashing; as well as reducing the flow of children around the school and not holding ‘all school’ assemblies. 

“Exactly how they will operate within these guidelines continues to be a decision for each individual school,” said a statement from the county council. 

“This needs significant planning by schools to work with the children, staff and space they have. This means it is unlikely any school will look the same as another. 

“Schools in the county have successfully brought back over 18,000 children since the start of lockdown and, with the council’s help, staff are now working hard to build on their existing arrangements so that all children can get back to their education in the safest way possible.” 

According to the local authority it is “supporting” school’s planning by helping them “identify their individual risks and what measures need to be put in place to tackle these, as well as making it easier for them to access Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)”. 

The council is also considering how they can support schools to make transport arrangements safe. 

In addition, as part the Local Outbreak Management Plan, the council said it had created specific action plans for schools so that they know exactly what they need to do if a child or member of staff displays the symptoms of Covid-19. 

Acknowledged major challenges facing schools will be delivering a wide-ranging curriculum while also covering any gaps in children’s learning and supporting the most vulnerable young people in our county as they get used to a life at school again.