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'White paper' provides clarity on social media for businesses and marketers

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 25 August 2020 8:08

One of Gloucestershire’s best known and most respected social media experts has released her own ‘white paper’ summary of the pandemic so far to help businesses and marketeers survive and thrive.

Luan Wise will be known to many as a welcome voice of clarity in a world which can baffle many, and particular as an expert in using that business person’s favourite platform – LinkedIn.

The Californian company once named her in one of its International Women’s Day #bestconnected events and ranked her in the top five female marketers in the UK, as well as signing her up as a course instructor.

Working with companies closely through the coronavirus pandemic Ms Wise, from Gloucestershire, has observed the rush to online, the flooding of social media channels as companies fight to keep their names top of mind, but she has also helped firms achieve that end.

Getting clear messages to be heard and learning how best to use the key channels has not just become a priority for many firms and their marketing teams – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have all adapted their services to cater and cope.

And in such a fast-changing platforms not everyone has achieved the results they desired.

Stepping back from that storm she breaks down how those channels have adapted, how those changes can best understood and the news services can be utilised for county firms to their ends.

In short, as businesses and marketers plan for recovery she has prepared the guide to summarise the key changes and highlight some of the opportunities they present for organisations, right now.

“I have released a new resource that I'm making freely available to assist anyone preparing their recovery marketing plan.

It covers how over recent months social media use increased dramatically and the big platforms - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - reacted fast, introducing many new features,” said Ms Wise.

“As a business owner or marketer, you need to keep abreast of changes and innovations introduced by the social media platforms and assess whether the changes offer an opportunity for you to streamline your working practices, acquire new skills, or increase your company’s reach.

“For each new tool or function, ask how your business would use it if it were mandatory. This can help to curb initial reactions both of ‘that’s not for us’ and ‘it’s new and shiny therefore we must use it’.

“Consider also how and when you’ll assess the effectiveness of that tool. Think widely and creatively about what you do, who your customers are, and what they need.

“Consider how you can help them before you think about what you can sell them. Tailor your messages to your customer and what they’re facing right now. Be agile, transparent, and responsive.”  

The free guide is available to download here: How Social Media Platforms Reacted to Covid-19: Challenges and Opportunities.