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Tech firm offers up free tools to help get businesses moving again

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 20 August 2020 8:36

Tech firm offers up free tools to help get businesses moving again

A tech firm from Gloucestershire which specialises in helping businesses gather data has laid out a free tool box of goodies to help county companies. 

Firms keen to understand the impact of the pandemic on their staff and manage the ongoing situation can make use of the ready prepared digital surveys  package by SmartSurvey. 

According to the Tewkesbury headquartered firm the aim is also to "make it as easy as possible for businesses to implement initiatives such as ‘test and trace’ and to better connect and support employees, who are either returning to work or are still working remotely". 

SmartSurvey does not need to be convinced there is a demand out there – it has already helped businesses create more than 6,000 covid-surveys alone since the pandemic took hold. That demand is unabated, and wanting to give something back it decided to do what it does best.

“The past few months have been tough for everyone, so it’s great to see businesses opening up again. However, it’s still a critical time, and we need to support businesses and help them get back to generating revenue,” said Mo Naser (pictured above, right), chief executive officer of SmartSurvey, who believes better data can help firms move forward with confidence. 

“This is fundamental to get the economy going again, moving the UK out of recession and returning to growth. Great communication and simple systems that are easy to set up are crucial to this, which is exactly why we developed these new online resources to help.”   

The new range of templates includes a ‘remote working survey’, ‘return to work questionnaire’, and a ‘survey for HR and management’. 

These surveys have been designed to enable businesses to quickly understand if their employees are coping and have everything they need to work effectively from home, to understanding their concerns and suggestions for returning to work safely.

SmartSurvey has even created a ‘test and trace’ form that makes it easy for businesses in the hospitality sector to collect customer details. 

The form, that is designed to be easily incorporated into existing processes, can be embedded into websites, chatbots, or as a link in an email, text message or social media. 

Businesses can also generate a QR code to display in venues enabling customers to scan the code with their Smartphones when they arrive and ‘check-in their entry’ with no requirement to download an app.   

SmartSurvey is proud to be able to offer full GDPR compliance. All data is stored in the UK ensuring venues can be confident the personally identifiable information (PII), as well as the date and time of their customer check-ins, is safe and secure. 

Venues can easily access and export the data at any time with a range of search and filter functions for any given date to easily find the relevant track and trace information associated with a potential outbreak.