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New Gloucestershire school development underway

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 25 June 2020 8:02

New Gloucestershire school development underway

Sod-cutting for what will be Gloucestershire’s newest school when it opens in September next year has begun, giving both a county-based architect and developer cause to celebrate. 

When the world sometimes seems to have turned upside down and inside out as a result of the covid-19 pandemic news that a project you pored you heart and soul into is going ahead is music to the ears. 

And when that project is in a sector which was put almost entirely on ice as a result of the lockdown – construction – it also sends out positive vibes much needed to those seeking momentum again. 

We are talking about the Quattro Design Architects-design Great Oldbury Primary School near Stonehouse, commissioned by county developer Robert Hitchins, needed to accommodate the families in the new adjacent housing development. 

Mike Court, Quattro’s director for education, explained why it was always important to think about how the school looked as well as functioned – but even more so in this case as it is visible across a wide area.

“We approached the school design with the aim of creating a wonderful legacy for the children of Great Oldbury and the Gloucestershire Learning Alliance who will run the school, as they grow into the school and create memories in the coming years,” said Mr Court. 

Great Oldbury School Design will be “one of the most energy efficient schools in Gloucestershire” when complete. 

According to the firm the design was “a contemporary take on the vernacular ‘barn in the rural landscape’ pertinent to its Gloucestershire heritage and blended Quattro’s expertise in school design and passion for environmental design into one experience”.  

Docks-headquartered Quattro has been designing schools across the South West for the past 25 years.