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Turnover rises to £23.5m for one of Gloucestershire's best-connected companies

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 07 September 2020 9:19

Turnover rises to £23.5m for one of Gloucestershire's best-connected companies

It has a ‘close relationship’ with an estimated 2,500 businesses – and growing – and last year was able to serve up a growth in turnover to more than £23.5 million and rise in profit.  

We are talking about a business whose specialist subject is food and drink and ensuring its customers’ products achieve ‘excellence’ in all areas.

This is Cotswolds-based Campden BRI, which has 2,500 member companies, 1,530 membership accounts and saw another 110 firms join in collective over the last year.

A specialist in research, innovation and testing for the food and drink industry, the business achieved profit for the year was £2,902,800 after 2018's loss of £833,278.

However, while the headline figures are positive even a business focusing more and more on its commercial possibilities has not been immune to the pandemic, from which it expects to take a sizeable hit.

And then there is the elephant in the room - Brexit.

“Continued uncertainty about how and when the UK would leave the European union made 2019 a very unpredictable and challenging year. Government has been focused on food and supply for a number of potential scenarios.

“Consequently, there has been less effort into the funding of R&D. Income from UK Government department/agencies now accounts for just under three per cent of the group's income.

“Alongside this, the uncertainly has affected the confidence of industry to invest. This is compounded by the valuation f the British pound which remains weak and led to increased costs for UK industry. Despite this, total turnover increased in value by almost two per cent,” said the company’s most recent annual report, covering the year to the end of December 2019 and published this month (September 2020).

"Covid19 resents a significant challenge for the group. Despite serving the essential food and drink industry, the pandemic has in 2020 had an adviser impact on demand such that revenue is likely to be 20 per cent down by the end of the year compared to turnover reported in these financial statements for 2019.

"The most severe impact has been seen in quarter two of 2020 with the training business and sensory services being worst affected.

“The group reacted positively taking action to ensure the viability of the business and maintain delivery of all services to its members and customers throughout the pandemic.”

Campden BRI’s core strengths are said to be research and innovation, analytical services and consultancy.

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