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Hold onto your hats – as we take you on a burger-inspired tour of the Cotswolds!

Written by: Andrew Merrell | Posted 27 August 2020 8:30

Here is something you probably never thought you would go on – a burger-inspired tour of the Cotswolds. 

You can blame/thank well-known Cotswold-based public relations man about town, Jonathon Rooke, for pushing hard with this one. 

But with the food and drink sector being where it is thanks to the pandemic – and the look of some of the burgers winning us over – we decided to succumb to his persuasive powers and mark what is apparently being National Burger Day (August 27).

That and it also fits nicely with the current county-wide campaign by GFirst LEP to 'Think Gloucestershire' - whch is encouraging us all to shop, eat, and treat ourselves at businesses her eon our doorstep.

And for those who like the idea of a taste test and not the travelling there is a plus. Cotswold-based food business Relish group has a handy on-line ordering system running for all of the food featured below.


So, here we go – with the hope the article will not just make you an aficionado of the very best places to get burgers in the side of Gloucester usually associated with the finer things in life, as well as hungry, but also inspire you to go out and taste test for yourself. 

Somewhere Else, the Cirencester restaurant, has had its SWE burger on the menu for over 10 years – served in a brioche bun with a southern American BBQ Aioli sauce. 

It’s a long way to go, and not in the Cotswolds, but in Swindon Sally Pussey’s has gained rave reviews during the lockdown with their take away burger’ shack’. Its signature burger uses grilled beef from Cirencester-based Jesse Smith’, sandwiched between layers of crispy bacon, melted cheddar cheese and a bed of crispy salad. 

At the Cotswold lakes The Gateway Café has something a little different. 

“It doesn’t not have to be beef to be a great burger,” according to chef Christian Antonovici. 

“Inspired by its natural surroundings and brimming with local ingredients, this sustainably sourced grilled fish burger from New Wave is set on a bed of salad, with a creamy tartar sauce. 

“This alternative burger is the perfect reward after a strenuous walk, arduous cycle or simply to enjoy before an afternoon boating on the lake”.

Pictured: Jake Barry at The Gateway Centre

Cirencester’s Jack’s Café and Kitchen has won plaudits since its reopening in 2018, with a lot of the praise going to the Californian Tex-Mex menu created by Chef Hollie Raynsford. 

This burger also uses Cotswold butcher Jesse Smith’s beef and is smothered in melted Monterey Jack cheese, sits on a bed of creamily satisfying spiral salad, topped with streaky bacon and a tomato jam. 

“Too much to handle? Don’t worry, we’ve skewered it so you can indulge in the full experience and savour each layer simultaneously,” said Ms Raynsford (pictured top). 

The Old Prison, Northleach has been open for only one year but it does not disappoint when it comes to its grilled offering. 

Plain talking, this traditional style burger offers the best of its kind. Captured between the buttery brioche bun lies a 6oz Jesse Smith’s burger with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, gherkins and a tantalising relish.

If you would like to try them without travelling the length and breadth of the region then visit Relish Online where the burgers can be ordered for delivery across the Cotswolds, along with sides and drinks and an array of other dishes.